Abrams and Brereton, PLC can help protect your Constitutional rights and guide you through the complicated and difficult criminal justice system to reach the best possible result for you.

Felonies, Misdemeanors, DUI, Probation, Etc.


A guilty verdict is not necessarily the end of the line for a defendant.  Abrams and Brereton, PLC can provide experienced assistance in exercising post-conviction appellate rights.  Advances in technology and ever-changing legal precedent could result in relief from even the most serious convictions and sentences.


Appeals, Rule 32 Petitions for Post-Conviction Relief, Habeas Corpus, Etc.

Abrams and Brereton, PLC can represent you and protect your rights in custody disputes and divorce litigation.  Divorces and custody litigation can be the most difficult and painful experiences of people's lives.  Our experienced team can lift the stress of the experience by working tirelessly on your behalf.


Child Support, Parenting Time, Property Disputes, Etc.