Ivan Abrams has over 40 years experience working in criminal defense and prosecution.  He obtained his law degree from the University of Pittsburgh and his LLM degree from the University of Arizona.  

Mr. Abrams has lived and worked all over the world in countries such as Kazakhstan and Kosovo assisting fledgling governments install criminal justice systems.

Ivan has a keen interest in photography and has had his photographs featured in national publications.


Bachelors Degree, University of Pittsburgh, 1969

Juris Doctorate, University of Pittsburgh, 1975
L.L.M., University of Arizona, 1995

Arizona Bar Number: 012608
Admittance: 3.5/1991

California Bar Number: 117481

Federal Bar

Nicholas Brereton, Esq.



Nick Brereton has been in practice in Arizona for almost 4 years specializing in criminal defense, appeals, and divorce/custody cases.  

Mr. Brereton obtained his law degree from the University of San Diego in 2014 and helped form Abrams and Brereton, PLC in November, 2016.

Nick was born in the United Kingdom and moved to the United States to attend high school in Tucson, Arizona.

Bachelor of Arts, University of Arizona, 2010
Juris Doctorate, University of San Diego, 2014

Arizona Bar Number: 031485
Admittance: 10/20/2014


Ivan Abrams, Esq.